Cleveland Christian Home -CCH is a residential treatment center for abused or neglected boys aged 8 - 18.
Ledgewood makes 2 major donations to CH during the year.  First, in the fall, we have a Chance Auction that raises approximately $1000. 
At least one half of the money provides needed items for CCH.  In the past we have purchased DVD players, Scholastic magazines for each resident as well as magazine subscriptions for the library and gift cards needed to buy school uniforms.
Our second donation comes at Christmas when we buy a package of boxer shorts for each resident.  Our church family is happy to provide these gifts to our family at the Cleveland Christian Home.
CCH Mission:  The Cleveland Christian Home exists to be a haven of hope and healing for children, youth and families struggling with mental illness, abuse and neglect.


Homeless ministry in Cleveland - part of the auction money goes to buy supplies to serve meals to many citizens of Cleveland who are in need of a hot meal.  On the 2nd Saturday of each month a group serves hot meal to approximately 150 people.  The money raised at the auction is used to buy food, paper products, hats and gloves.


Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to grow, learn, work, and live in a setting focused on respect and support for individuals and the environment.

Ledgewood Christian Church made a large monetary donation to this organization after hearing from it's director.  We plan to continue supporting this organization with the sale of "cow pies" - a chocolate candy made of pretzels, peanuts and Rice Krispies.

Mission Organizations